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1996 - 1998 SolarQuest® was conceived as a climate change education program during a graduate research project in Social Ecology at Goddard College.
1998 - 2000 SolarQuest® collaborated with the President's Million Solar Roofs Initiative (Clinton Administration) to install solar energy systems in America's public schools.
1999 SolarQuest® co-sponsored the President's Council on Sustainable Development National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America and the National Youth Roundtable, representing the Voice of American Youth for the 21st Century.
1999 SolarQuest® co-sponsored Village Power 2000, a White House Millennium Council project to install solar energy systems in community centers, schools, libraries and medical facilities in remote areas of Africa (Uganda and Tanzania).
2000 - 2001 SolarQuest® established the first "deep-rural" solar powered educational tele-center under the G-8 mandate for universal service in the Amazon Rainforest (Bolivia) in collaboration with the White House Millennium Council and American Electric Power.
2002 - 2005 SolarQuest® participated in solar powered rural information and communications technologies (ICTs) programs in collaboration with non-governmental agencies, private industry and government agencies in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Bhutan, Ecuador and Peru.
2002 - 2008 SolarQuest® worked in the Province of the Galapagos (Ecuador) in collaboration with the e8 Network for Expertise on the Global Environment, United Nations Foundation, United Nations Fund for International Partnerships, United Nations Development Programme, and the Government of the Republic of Ecuador to re-power Galapagos Islands with advanced renewable energy technologies and provide technology education reform for Galapagos public schools.
2004 - 2008 SolarQuest® ACTS and Green Earth Corps programs.

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