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SolarQuest Institute for Renewable Energy

Energy Monitoring for Learning from Light

Standard Solutions

Following is a draft outline of economical solutions for energy and weather monitoring at internet-accessible sites.

Option Description Price @1 Price @10 Price @100
WWW Online Web Service
Annual fee
$240 TBD TBD
All examples below will be based on the use of this online service. Then, engineering and hardware in addition to the above will be as follows. (Note the sensitivity of price to quantity. This is due to non-recurring engineering costs.)
10 Customer Hardware
Your unique instrumentation
?? ?? ??
20 Data web services for energy monitoring
You determine unique instrumentation & send us your data. We create code to display your data online.
6,000 1,050 555
22 Basic energy monitor for AC-only power systems with web services
Pace Scientific Data Logger. Solarimeter. Customer provides PC.
12,960 2,430 1,377
32 As above with complete weather monitoring station 15,340 3,910 2,767
SolarQuest® will evaluate systems which it does not currently support for a fee of $3,000.