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On 26 June 1996, US President Clinton made a speech to the United Nation's Special Session on Environment and Development in which he announced a new initiative to increase the use of solar energy.  He said,
UN Special Session
on Environment & Development
Million Solar Roofs
    "...We will work with businesses and communities to use the sun's energy to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by installing solar panels on 1,000,000 more roofs around our nation by 2010...." 

This statement launched the President's Million Solar Roofs Initiative.

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By participating in SolarQuestTM, students will lead the world in a renewed effort to power the 21st Century with clean energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It all starts by enrolling in the SolarQuestTM curriculum and working toward the installation of a PhotoVoltaic system in your school.

Please join us in this exciting educational journey to transform our global energy future and protect the environment!

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