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Student Interviews at Colegio Nacional Florida
by Director de Porvenir
Village Power 2000 Team Bolivia Porvenir
source: Escuela Porvenir

Director David Zapata
Photo: Allan Baer
Santa Cruz, Bolivia •• Oct. 3, 2000 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Today Team Bolivia met with David Zapata, Director de Colegio Nacional de Florida to discuss the possibility of students participating in the installation of the solar energy system and Internet services at Porvenir. Attending the meeting were Hugo Carvajal Ortega, Secretario de Padres de Familia, Professor Amanda M. de Gonzales, Miriam Galido, and Raúl Orozco also attended. After a detailed explanation of the project, Director Zapata enthusiastically embraced the program and agreed to allow students to accompany Team Bolivia to Porvenir.

Miriam Galido and Raúl OrozcoThree young men selected by the teachers were interviewed in depth and responded to questions from Team Bolivia, Hal Peacock from FAN, and Gonzalo Villamil from the Santa Cruz Rotary Club. The interview process lasted for nearly an hour as a general discussion emerged about the importance of information and communication technologies for education in Bolivia, especially in rural areas. After the interviews, the Team discussed the issue of a female student participating in the project. It was explained to the Team that female students have only recently been admitted to the school. Futhermore, it was unlikely that parents would allow their daughters to leave home and spend time in rural Bolivia.

Over the next two days the Team will evaluate transportation needs and make a determination about the number of students that will be invited to participate in the installation in Porvenir. Team Bolivia's selection will be made by the end of the week and interviews with the students will be posted.
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