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Solar Homes Tours Demonstrate Energy Solutions
by Liz M
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•• Sept. 17, 2005 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
September 17, 2005

Solar Homes Tour Demonstrates Solar Solutions

“We’re creating an urban oasis and demonstrating how sustainable practices can work in the city.” Dan Antonioli, Oakland Solar Tour homeowner

(Bay Area/Central Valley, CA) With energy stability and security issues in the daily news, increasing numbers of Californians are turning to the sun to power their electricity and hot water needs. On October 1st more than 60,000 people across the country, including thousands throughout Northern California, will experience solar energy technology firsthand on the National Solar Homes Tour.

Homeowners throughout the region will demonstrate how solar technology works, what it costs, and why it makes environmental and financial sense. System designers and contractors will be available at most sites to answer questions. The tour sites showcase a variety of solar, energy efficiency, and green building measures.

“Solar makes more sense than ever to address our rising energy prices, grid instability, and global warming challenges," stated Liz Merry, NorCal Solar President.

Local volunteers organize, design, and run the tours. “We’ve seen an explosion of solar in the area. Solar benefits everything from air quality to energy reliability. I just jumped at the opportunity to help out,” said Kurt Newick, the Solar Homes Tour Coordinator in San Jose.

The Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and San Jose tours are all featuring electric and biodiesel vehicles in addition to solar technology. There is a growing number of “EV-PV” (Electric Vehicle Homes powered by Photovoltaics) households in the Bay Area, and many are featured on the Solar Homes Tours.

The National Solar Homes Tour is a project of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) ( and coordinated in Northern California by NorCal Solar (

The tour fee is generally $15 for 1-2 adults, with a $5 discount for pre-registration by September 30th. The event runs 10am-4pm in most locations; with on-site registration closing at 3pm.* Pre-registration is highly encouraged and available at For questions please call 530-852-0354, or

*Check local tour details at

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