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May: Keeping oil from troubled waters. Our Planet, Volume 15 #1, UNEP . Paul Loeffelman describes a bid to bring renewable energy to the Galapagos archipelago and reduce the risk of oil spills devastating its unique wildlife

Led by American Electric Power, [the e7] is already introducing solar power to enable internet access on San Cristobal Island, educating the community on ways to use electricity more efficiently and – together with UNDP and UNF – is preparing to develop wind power there. It is working towards receiving an environmental licence for the development, with advice from wildlife experts and the archaeology authority, and plans to start producing electricity by the end of 2005. The E7 has created a community website,, to keep everyone informed, and observe data on energy production and use, and the weather.

2001, 2002
The iNet News Team covered a number of energy related activities in Bolivia and South Africa.
Dec. 4: Amazon solar-power, satellite project

AEP and Partners Install Solar-Powered Internet Connection for Remote Bolivian Village: "The Digital Divide that separates developed and developing countries has been bridged for Bolivian villagers deep in the Amazon region thanks to the efforts of American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) and a dozen private and public partners."

Partnering for Porvenir: "The partners believe the system they built in Porvenir is the world's first permanent solar-powered broadband Internet connection in a remote corner of the developing world. The project was completed in fewer than 90 days. In August 2000, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) asked AEP to help lead the way in fulfilling the President's July commitment at a G8 meeting of leading economic democracies to bring the tools of the Information Age to remote reaches of the globe."

Solar Power: "As the sole source of electricity for the village's 600 people, the solar panels power three computers, a satellite receiver/sender to connect the community to the Internet, a refrigerator for medicines and vaccines, and classroom lights."

Summer: Schools Going Solar

Solar Electric Power Association: "SolarQuest, a service learning and business/education partnership, offers student-centered Internet-based educational programs on renewable energy ... During the summer of 1999, a team of 23 students from across the U.S., recruited by their churches, traveled to Uganda to install 100 solar-powered remote telecommunications systems..." (Also at Schools Going -- same text)

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