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Sustainable energy-efficient technologies for independent living.

In 1999 SolarQuest® coordinated a youth-centered project installing 100 solar lighting systems in Uganda and did a proof-of-concept test to demonstrate the viability of solar energy to power remote access to the internet. The concept was expanded and a solar powered internet system was installed at a village school in the Amazon region of Bolivia in October, 2000.

Subsequently, working with Hewlett-Packard's World e-Inclusion group in 2001, SolarQuest® perfected the technology for replication and now offers the Micro Solar Distance Learning Initiative for remote areas around the world. We have projects scheduled for the Galapagos Islands and Bhutan in 2002.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Santa Cruz, California, our affiliates Solar Technologies and Central Coating Company install complete solar electric systems for homes and commercial buildings. With Solar Technologies, SolarQuest® also offers a system to monitor and display weather and energy data so that our customers can see their solar system's performance via the internet.

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Central Coating Company
Combine Roof Mounted PV with a Spray-In-Place Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing System

Micro Solar Distance Learning Initiative
Silicon Solutions to Bridge the Digital Divide

The NetGain™ Concept
Homes with a Net Energy Gain

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Solar Electricity • Wind Hydroelectric • Solar Hot Water • EVs

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