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SQuIRE Energy Monitoring (not presently available at this World e-Inclusion Lab)
Village Communication Center Schematic
Complete Installation, photo sequence (large page)
Complete Installation, thumbnails to enlarged pictures
Starband® VSAT Satellite Dish Installation
Harmonic Data VSAT Satellite Dish Installation
Team Bolivia in California
Somebody thought this idea was patentable 3 years later in 2004!

HP Labs
Palo Alto Telecenter

The Lincos unit, getting settled in

The Inside Track
Jim Sheats

Going Solar
Rick Longinotti and Ron Swenson

Checking it out
Alan Gotcher of TeltecGlobal, Jim Sheats of HP, and Rick Longinotti, electrician

Rick Longinotti

Getting Grounded
Fereydoon Safai

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Wireless Antennas
Phase 3 Communications
Matt Zanger, Ron Evans and Tom Fa'anunu

Completing the Wireless Connection
Matt Zanger, Phase 3 • Loren Kallevig, ECBridge

Installing the Starband® Satellite Dish
Bill Crowell & Rick Newman, Taylor Vision

Installing the Harmonic Data Satellite Dish
Oran Chang & Bob Grabau, Satellite Sales and Consulting; Jesse Hindemith & Dan MacInster, AdvancedTech Communications; Dan Nix & Emmett Nolan, VTEL; Peter Hadad, HP; Alfonso Tovar, EcoSage

Installing DataPult Energy Monitoring System
Alfonso Tovar, EcoSage

Up and Running
and a visit from Team Bolivia

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