SolarQuest® Renewable Energy Application Laboratory


The mission of the Renewable Energy Applications Laboratory (REAL) is to develop, evaluate and promote "best practices" in sustainable energy resource development throughout the world. This mission will be achieved by creating an advanced renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies applications "test-bed" on remote electricity grids to assess the field performance of state-of-the-art renewable energy systems components and energy efficiency appliances, and by providing human capacity building and technical assistance services to international stakeholders.

Information Services

Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) will enable on-demand user interface with the Renewable Energy Applications Laboratory. Members worldwide will access, on-demand, real-time technology performance data and analysis of all grid systems - from wind turbines to photovoltaic cells, from climate data to carbon emissions reduction, and from megawatt scale micro-grids to individual household appliances. ICTs will provide direct member services at a distance through video conferencing services and web-base service portals.

Solarquest Real Time Energy Monitoring of Remote Village MicroGrid

Real-time monitoring services provide critical trend data for planning the integration of renewable energy technologies into a fossil-fuel micro-grid. Technical assistance services to members will include human capacity building to deploy data monitoring technologies and perform accurate analysis of environmental conditions essential to evaluating the potential to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Information services are crucial to stewarding projects through feasibility study, design and engineering, and construction management, operations and maintenance.

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