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 School: Africa / US Energy Ministerial Conference & Women in Energy • Quest 2: Women in Energy
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 Task 1: Reporting on Women in Energy Conference • Due Date: 12/12/2000
Here iNet News Team members will report on the Women in Energy conference. Meet members of the team!
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iNet News Team
 Reports posted for this Task:
 About Prudence Mbatha by prudence m.
 James joins the iNet News Team by James C.
 Robyn Leslie joins the iNet News Team by Robyn L.
 Linkages Between Energy and Development Strategies to Empower Women by Africa Manager
 Reggie Ngcobo's report by Reggie N.
 Some interesting personalities by Robyn L.
 Seema joins the team by Seema D.
 The Woman's rightful place by Robyn L.
 Empowerment starts with rural development by Robyn L.
 Failure in objectives doesn't mean a waste of time for Ms Annecke by Robyn L.
 Photo Essay of the First Day Events by James C.
 Making energy work for us as women by Robyn L.
 Ghanian Success by Robyn L.
 Africa and Energy: Prudence by prudence m.
 Bbumba's input on Women in Energy by Prudence M.
 A different perspective by Robyn L.
 The Real Deal - Delegates' DIY steps to disseminating information by Seema D.
 A good effort, but more must be done by Robyn L.
 Some approaches to Clean Technologies by Robyn L.
 Wendy Annecke's report on Energy Laws and Their Impact on Women by James C.
 zanele joins the team by zanele z.
 Potential for US investment in Africa by Robyn L.
 Sudan says "it's no big thing" by Robyn L.
 Energy role in poverty alleviation by zanele z.
 Butanization Programme in Senegal by zanele z.
 Solar Energy in rural Kwazulu Natal by Prudence M.
 Energy and health by zanele z.
 The Press Conference Notes by Prudence M.
 Ernie Moniz, U.S Department of Energy by Prudence M.

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